Original tax bills are mailed to the taxpayer. If your mortgage has an escrow account for taxes, your mortgage company should request the information from us. If you have a question about your escrow account for taxes or want to know if your taxes have been paid from the escrow account, contact your mortgage company. 

Tax payments postmarked by the due date are accepted if received within 7 days of the original tax due date.

Payment for taxes by checks are accepted only as a conditional payment. If your check is returned to us from your bank, the tax will become unpaid on the date payment was originally made and could be subject to interest and penalties. A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.

If summer taxes, or any part of summer taxes, are not paid by the time winter tax bills are sent, you will find a message on the winter tax bill that states summer taxes are owing.

Tax bills are issued twice a year. The tax bills do not cover specific months. Taxing entities may choose to spread their millages onto the summer or winter tax  bills. The two tax bills together make up the total annual property taxes due. Tax day is December 31 for taxes billed in the following year.