December 31:
Tax Day for coming year (Assessed Values reflect this date)

January 2:
Personal Property forms are mailed

January 15:
Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) denials are mailed to property owners

February 14:
Prior year Winter Tax bills are due

February 20:
Personal Property forms to be returned to Assessor

February 20:
Assessment Notices for Real property are mailed

Board of Review organizational meeting

Board of Review starts sessions with taxpayers

May 1:
Special Assessment bills are mailed

May 31:
Special Assessment bills are due

June 1:
Deadline for eligibility for Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

June 5:
Deadline to receive Principal Residence Exemption forms (PRE)

July 1:
Summer Tax bills are mailed

July Board of Review held for correction of clerical errors & PRE

August 31:
Unpaid special assessments are placed on December tax bill

September 14: 
Summer Tax bills are due

December 1:
Winter Tax bills are mailed

December Board of Review held for correction of clerical errors & PRE

* Tuesday following the first Monday
** Monday following the organizational meeting and for as many days as necessary – by appointment
*** Tuesday after the third Monday
**** Tuesday after the second Monday