Jim Kohsel
Fire Chief
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Daniel Gillette
Fire Chaplain

Jim DeGraaf
Fire Prevention
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The Fire Department proudly protects more than 37,000 people living within an area of 29-square miles operating out of three stations that protect residential, commercial and industrial complexes. The department consists of volunteer firemen who are paid on a per call basis. The Fire Department has an ISO rating of 4 in all areas of the Township. Staff can be contacted by phone through the non-emergency number at (616) 395-0196.


  • Fire Search and Rescue

  • Extrication Confined Space Rescue

  • EMS Fire Prevention

Emergency Access Lock Boxes

Emergency access lock boxes ensure that the Holland Charter Township Fire Department can gain access to buildings in the event of a fire or other emergency and are required per Township ordinance:

“Except for one and two family dwellings, a Supra Products lock box shall be installed on the outside of all new buildings and all existing buildings undergoing substantial improvement in Holland Charter Township which are equipped with an automatic fire suppression system and/or automatic fire detection system” (Article IV Sec. 6-93).

Steps for Ordering a Lock Box:

  1. Visit the manufacturer’s website.

  2. Create an account where the customer type is “Fire Department”. If the customer type is not “Fire Department”, the box will not be keyed for a fire department.

  3. Identify the fire department as "Holland Charter Township”. If you choose a different choice, our Fire Department will not be able to access the box.

Click here to view the full ordinance which includes information about approved locations for lock boxes and content requirements. Please contact the Fire Department with any questions.


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