Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Property & Housing Board of Appeals

The Property and Housing Board of Appeals was created in order to protect existing structures in the jurisdiction by vigorous enforcement of the provisions of the Property Maintenance Code. The Board hears and acts upon appeals brought forth by property owners or responsible parties for a property that has received orders defining a violation of the Property and Housing Maintenance Code. The property representative and the inspector who issued the orders present relevant facts to the Board. These facts, along with matters ‘useful to a reasoned balancing between the public objectives…and the probable economic and social consequences to all persons…concerned’ are weighed prior to the final decision of the Board. All decisions of the Board are final.

The Board consists of three citizen members and one alternate who are appointed by the Supervisor with the advice and consent of the Township Board. Board members serve three year terms.



Current Members   Term Expires
Chairman:                    Jack Vander Meulen           12/31/2020
Member: Elliott Church 12/31/2020
Member: Steve Haberkorn 12/31/2021
Alternate: Jack Harper 12/31/2020




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