Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Paperless Billing / Auto Bill Pay

Simplify your life and save some trees.
  Go paperless and receive your bills and notices by email.  You'll get your bill faster and more conveniently.  We'll email you as soon as your bill is ready.  

Make your life even simpler.  Sign up for Free Auto Bill Pay today.

Fill out the Paperless Billing / Auto Bill Pay form to get signed up for either option or both!

Paperless Billing / Auto Pay

Move In

Please call (616) 395-0078 to get your Water & Sewer Utilities account set-up for your new address.

Move Out

Fill out the Move Out Work Order form and immediately submit your move out information to the Water & Sewer Utilities Department to process your final bill.
NOTE:  In order to submit the following form via email to the Water/Sewer Dept. you must open open our website with Internet Explorer.  

Move Out Work Order

Pay Your Bill

By Mail: With check or money order
In Person: With cash, check, money order or credit/debit card
Drop Box: Drop a check or money order in the drop box at the front entrance
Online: On our website with a credit/debit card or e-check

Online payments are processed through Point & Pay and will be assessed a convenience fee.  See the fee chart below.  For detailed instructions for online account lookup and payment instructions see BS&A online payments informational guide.

Credit/Debit Card:   $0.01 - $50.00       = $1.50
   $50.01 - $100.00   = $3.00
   $100.01 - $200.00 = $6.00
   $200.01 - $300.00 = $9.00
   $300.01 - $400.00 = $12.00
 E-Check  Any Amount           = $3.00

Pay Bill

Water & Sewer Connections

Are you interested in connecting to a municipal water and/or sewer?  Submit a Water & Sewer Connection Estimate Request form and we will put an estimate together for you if municipal water and/or sewer are available.

Water & Sewer Connection Estimate Request

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