Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Police & E-Unit


Emergency medical response (E-unit) and police services are provided to Holland Township citizens and businesses on a contract basis by the Ottawa County Sheriff Department. E-unit services were initiated in 1975 by an extra voted one-half mill as a means to supplement the basic road patrol service provided by the Ottawa County Sheriff Department on a countywide basis. During the 1980’s, the extra voted millage was increased to one mill to accommodate the increasing calls for illness/injury paramedic services and to add proactive community policing services.

  • E-unit and community policing services include the following:
  • Emergency medical response (E-unit), including 3 vehicles and 8 paramedics, funded on a 60%/40% shared basis between Holland and Park Townships.
  • 4 community policing officers, providing ordinance enforcement, neighborhood crime prevention, traffic control and public assistance services.
  • Other law enforcement services, including a portion of a full time community involvement traffic enforcement officer, criminal investigations, and increased summer season law enforcement support.
  • 2 working supervisory sergeants (also shared with Park Township).

The sheriff department personnel can be contacted as follows:

Administration Services:   Ottawa County Sheriff Department
12220 Fillmore Street
West Olive MI 49460
Phone: (888) 731-1001
Or: (616) 738-4000
Fax: (616) 786-4192
Emergency:   911


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