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Minutes - September 26, 2017


Regular Meeting

September 26, 2017

Present:   Chairman Steve Haberkorn, Members Vern Johnson, Bob Swartz and Russ Boersma.  Also present was Community Development Director John D. Said, Assistant Community Development Director Corey Broersma, and Recording Secretary Laurie Slater.

Absent: Elliott Church

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Haberkorn at 5:30 p.m. Chairman Haberkorn explained the process to the audience.

Hearing declared open to consider a petition for an additional or larger accessory building submitted by Brian Meiste for property located at 4743 Bella Court, known more specifically as parcel number 70-16-06-200-036. Petitioner is requesting a variance of 227 square feet to the maximum 1,050 square foot allowable size for an attached accessory structure, resulting in an attached accessory structure of 1,277 square feet.  The subject property is zoned Single-family and Two-family Residential (R-2).

Present for this request was Brian Meiste.

Mr. Meiste explained to the Board that he would like to have four garage stalls. They currently have four vehicles being used by family members.  One of the vehicles is a Yukon and without the additional space it won’t fit in the garage.  He does not want his daughter parking outside for safety reasons. The parcel is five acres in size.  The house is set back 120 feet from Bella Court in a wooded area of the acreage so it would not be visible from the road.  The garages will not dominate the house as two of the stalls are turned to the side and the size of the house is adequate for a garage of this size.  Although Mr. Meiste has a large parcel, he does not want a pole barn looking building to store his mower and additional vehicles in, he would rather have the additional attached accessory building area.

The Board had questions directed to Mr. Broersma about why our ordinance limits the size of an attached garage. And what size pole barn Mr. Meiste would be allowed on five acres. Also, with the review of ordinances, is this ordinance slated for a change.

Mr. Broersma responded that there is a house within the township that is two stories tall with the first level being all garage and the second story is living quarters. It is not aesthetically appealing.  This prompted the ordinance limiting the attached square footage for a garage to 1,050 square feet.

Mr. Meiste would be allowed a pole barn of 576 square feet on his parcel of five acres. He is asking for 227 square feet of additional attached garage.

The Planning Commission has decided to leave this ordinance as is.

There was no one present in the audience to speak to this request.

** It was moved by Mr. Swartz and supported by Mr. Boersma to close the hearing.  Motion carried. 

The Board went over the eight standards to review when considering an oversized accessory building.

 1.   The size of the lot or parcel of land - 5 acres

2.   The intended use for the building(s) - personal storage.

3.   The size, proposed location, type and construction, and general architectural character of the building(s) - Attached and match the house with carriage style doors.

4.   he type and kind of other principal and accessory buildings and structures presently located on the lot or parcel of land - None

5.   The type and kind of principal and accessory buildings and structures located on properties which are adjoining and in the same neighborhood - there is one old block barn that they intend to tear down after the buildings are completed. There are three lots in this private subdivision. They are currently using it for storage while under construction.  There are similar dwellings in the surrounding neighborhoods, but no variances were issued.

6.   Whether the building(s) will affect the light and air circulation of any adjoining properties or be visible from any adjoining properties – No adverse effect on the light and air circulation. The house is not visible from the road as it is heavily wooded.

7.   The effect of the building(s) on the surrounding neighborhood - No adverse effect

8.   The environmental effect of the building(s) or their proposed use – No adverse effect

** It was moved by Mr. Johnson and approved by Mr. Swartz to approve the request as presented.  Motion carried.

There were no public comments.

The minutes of July 25, 2017 were approved as printed.

There was no other business.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Slater

Recording Secretary


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