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Agenda - July 25, 2017



Please Take Notice that a public hearing will be held at the Holland Charter Township Office located at 353 N. 120th Ave., Holland, MI 49424, Ottawa County, Michigan, by the Holland Charter Township Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. or thereafter, to hear and consider the following matters:

5:30 p.m. - Consideration of a petition for multiple variances submitted by Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity for vacant property located immediately north of 2895 96th Avenue, known more specifically as parcel number 70-16-13-200-059 and -060. Petitioner is requesting the following variances for the purposes of constructing a 4-unit garden apartment building and related accessory buildings on the premises: 1) A variance of 160 square feet from the 16,000 square feet minimum lot size, exclusive of public right-of-way, required for a 4-unit garden apartment building; resulting in a 4-unit garden apartment building on a lot size of 15,860 square feet; 2) A variance of 10 feet from the minimum 50 feet required between a proposed multi-family dwelling and an existing one-family dwelling; resulting in a 40 foot separation distance; 3) A variance from the required location of accessory buildings in the rear yard; resulting in accessory buildings in the side yard. The subject property is zoned Single-family, Two-family and Multifamily Residential (R-2A).

Any person interested in these matters may appear at such hearing in person or by agent or attorney. Copies of the application and other documentation are on file at the Township Office for public inspection from the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. on regular business days. Written comments may be sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals in care of the Township Office. Telephone inquiries should be directed to the Zoning Administrator at (616) 395-0151.

The Charter Township of Holland will provide necessary and reasonable auxiliary aids and services at this hearing, such as signers for hearing-impaired persons and audiotapes of printed material for visually impaired persons, upon receipt of five days prior notice. Disabled persons requiring such auxiliary aids or services should so notify the Charter Township of Holland by contacting Laurie Slater at 353 N. 120th Ave., Holland, MI 49424, Telephone (616) 396-2345.

Dated: July 7, 2017

Michael Dalman, Clerk
Holland Charter Township

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