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Minutes - May 4, 2017


Regular Meeting

May 4, 2017

The Supervisor called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Supervisor Terry Nienhuis, Clerk Michael Dalman, Treasurer Vince Bush, and Trustees Doug Becker, Elliott Church, and Russell TeSlaa. Also present were Township Manager Don Komejan and Township Attorney Ron Bultje.

Absent: Trustee Norm Nykamp

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Mr. TeSlaa gave the invocation.

Citizen’s Comments: None

17-39 A motion was made by Mr. Bush, supported by Mr. Church, to approve the consent agenda including communications, operational reports (Monthly Building Report for April 2017 & Sheriff’s Department Monthly Calls for April 2017), bills and financial transactions for the month of April, and the minutes of April 20, 2017 as written.

All supported the motion
Motion declared adopted

At this time the board considered its support for abandonment and discontinuance of a portion of the 40 foot wide Lawn Avenue public right-of-way. The portion is between 586 Lake Street (to the north) and 592 and 584 Lawn Avenue (to the south). Board members reviewed submitted reports. The area proposed does not have a certified paved road constructed within it. The application also proposes to establish a public walkway easement and public utility easement to allow continued pedestrian and utility access. Township review is required in order for the application to be considered further by the Ottawa County Road Commission. Board members shared questions. Mr. Komejan and Mr. Bultje answered questions on the process. The first step would be Township support, followed by the Road Commission approval, and then the issue would again come to the Township to decide on the disposition of the land.

Mr. Bill Sikkel, attorney for applicant Dave DeYoung, described the petition presented and area that was sought for abandonment. Various citizens shared their concerns and questions about the abandonment. Mrs. Esther Walters, 600 Lawn Ave., shared four specific concerns: accessory building, snow removal, public walkway, and driveway intersecting where she is backing up from her driveway.

17-40 A motion was made by Mr. Bush, supported by Mr. TeSlaa, to support the abandonment and discontinuance of a portion of the 40 foot wide Lawn Avenue public right-of-way with the understanding this will not negatively impact surrounding properties and is subject to the regulations of the zoning district (Single Family Residential, R-1) and all other applicable ordinances.

Roll call vote: Yes-5, No-1, Absent-1
Motion declared adopted

Mr. Becker introduced and the Board held a first reading on one rezoning request – 0 Mason Street (Vacant) Parcel No. 70-16-35-300-014 from Agricultural (A) to Single-Family Residential (R-1)

The next item on the agenda was a consideration of several appropriations recommended for approval by the Appropriations Committee. The organizations include: Community Foundation Holland Zeeland ($8781), Evergreen Commons Senior Center ($4500), Good Samaritan Ministries ($4000), Holland American Legion Band ($3000), Holland Chorale ($1300), Holland Civic Theatre ($500), Holland Recovery Fest 2017 (Greater Ottawa County United Way fiduciary - $500), Holland Symphony Orchestra ($3500), Hospice of Holland ($2500), Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway (Greenway work - $13,000), Ottagan Addictions Recovery – OAR ($1000), Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival ($2500), and Zeeland Historical Society – Dekker Huis Museum ($5000). The total appropriation amount is $50,081.

17-41 Mr. Church offered a resolution, supported by Mr. Becker, to approve appropriations in the amount of $50,081 to various organizations.

Roll call vote: Yes-6, No-0, Absent-1
Resolution declared adopted

Mr. Komejan reviewed several additional informational updates. Committee members shared reports. Mr. Church thanked the staff for the information presented at tonight’s meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 P.M.

Michael Dalman, Clerk
Terry Nienhuis, Supervisor

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