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Agenda - August 3, 2017

Holland Charter Township
Ottawa County
Founded in 1847
Board Meeting Agenda
August 3, 2017
7:00 P.M.
Holland Charter Township Offices

1.     Call to order

2.     Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

3.     Citizen’s comments

4.     Public Hearings and Consideration of Resolutions to approve items

5.     Consent Agenda

        a.  Receive any communications
        b.  Receive operational reports
        c.  Approve bills and financial transactions for the month of July 2017
        d.  Review and approval of Board Meeting Minutes July 20, 2017

6.     Consideration of items related to the changeover to the Zeeland Clean
        Water Plant (ZCWP)

        a.  Consideration of amendments to portions of the Utilities Chapter of the Code of
             Ordinances - 2nd Reading and Adoption of Chapter 34, Sections 34-73 adding &
             restating definitions; Section 34-various to incorporate sewer use ordinance changes
             in keeping with discharge into the Zeeland Clean Water Plant
        b.   Consideration of Amendment Ordinance Adoption Resolution
        c.   Consideration of Holland Area Wastewater Treatment Plant (HAWWTP)
             Designation Resolution
        d.   Consideration of ZCWP Designation Resolution

7.     Consideration of land division application:

         a.  Land division – 10166 Riley St.
         b.  Lot split – 10265 Springwood Dr.

8.     Administration Reports and Updates – Mr. Komejan

9.     Committee Reports

10.   Other business

11.   Adjournment

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