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Agenda - March 16, 2017

Holland Charter Township

Ottawa County

Founded in 1847

Board Meeting Agenda

March 16, 2017

7:00 P.M.

Holland Charter Township Offices

1.     Call to order

2.     Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

3.     Citizen’s comments

4.     Public Hearing

        a.  IFEC – Holland Stitchcraft, Inc.

5.     Consent Agenda

        a.  Receive any communications

        b.  Receive operational reports

        c.  Review and approval of Board Meeting Minutes of March 2, 2017

6.     Consideration of a Resolution to accept a Buy and Sell Agreement for the sale
        of a vacant land parcel

7.     Initiation of rezoning request: 0 Mason Street (Vacant) – Parcel No. 70-16-35-300-014
        Agricultural (A) to Single-family Residential (R-1)

8.     Administration Reports and Updates – Mr. Komejan

        a.  Recommendation to amend the administrative guidelines for capitalization
             of fixed assets

9.     Committee Reports

10.    Other business

11.    Adjournment


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