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Minutes - August 14, 2018


Regular Meeting
August 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marion Hoeve at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Chairman Marion Hoeve, Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen, Members Dennis Gebben, and Norm Nykamp. Also present were Community Development Assistant Community Development Director Corey Broersma and Recording Secretary Sheri Thomassen.

Absent: Members Ken Bosma and Ed Zylstra

Motion to approve the minutes for regular meeting of July 10, 2018, made by Mr. Vander Meulen, supported by Mr. Nykamp. All in favor. Motion carried.

Chairman Hoeve introduced the Resolution and Report for Riverwalk Site Condominiums PUD Amendment to accommodate an additional accessory building (pool house) on the property at 10512 Riverwalk Drive.

Motion to approve and recommend the Riverwalk Site Condominiums PUD Amendment Resolution and Report to the Township Board made by Mr. Nykamp, supported by Mr. Gebben. All in favor. Motion carried.

Chairman Hoeve introduced for consideration a Site Plan Review requested by Holland Charter Township and Thomas Smith, architect with Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTC & H) for a Public Safety Building - 0 (vacant) James Street, east of US-31 & west of 120th Avenue.

Tom Smith, FTC & H, was present to speak to this request. Mr. Smith explained that the new building will primarily include two components – a fire station with 4 drive-thru apparatus bays and sheriff substation for the Ottawa County Sheriff. There will be staff and visitor parking in the front with a dedicated lot for the Sheriff in the back, with access drive to the Ottawa County building.

Questions and comments from the Commissioners followed:

Currently Holland Charter Township owns the building, and Ottawa County owns the land. The Commissioners agreed that the Township should not have a building on a rental property. They also wonder what the plan is; and what are the options after 32 years?

Township Manager, Steve Bulthuis, was present and added that the Township is still in conversation with the County regarding this.

The site plan was reviewed, and it was agreed that the narrative seems thorough with no deficiencies.

Mr. Gebben asked if there will be a room that would be rentable by different organizations?

Mr. Smith responded that there’s been no discussion about that yet but it could potentially be used for public meetings. Mr. Nykamp added that this space will be set up more for police with tighter security. He added further that there have been a couple changes made to the doored entry and that Mr. Bulthuis has discussed it with Township Board members in detail as well. The County got what they wanted, and the Township is getting what they wanted.

How was FTC & H selected for this project?

Mr. Bulthuis responded that it was before his time, but through an interview and proposal process it was determined by a Review Committee that FTC & H’s ability to do design and construction management all together was a major consideration.

Staff thanked Mr. Bulthuis and those involved with the process for having Staff sit in on several meetings, to get their thoughts and comments up front in the design.

All present agreed the site plan met the 7 Conditions of Approval.

Motion to approve the site plan as presented made by Mr. Nykamp, supported by Mr. Vander Meulen. All in favor. Motion carried.

Chairman Hoeve introduced for consideration a Site Plan Review requested by Blain’s Farm & Fleet - 0 (vacant) Quincy Street, east of US-31 & west of 120th Avenue.

Justin Longstreth, Moore & Bruggink, Inc., on behalf of the applicant, was present to speak to this request. He provided a brief introduction of the overall development of the 55-acre parcel. Blain’s is proposing a new 105,000 square foot commercial building - the first project within the new development area. The Blain’s site will be located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Quincy and the proposed West Shore Drive extension.

Mr. Longstreth added that Blain’s is also seeking Special Use approval for the outdoor display/sales/storage areas and the vehicle repair. However, the applicant understands that the Special Use will not be reviewed until the September 4 meeting due to the required information not being submitted on time for this meeting.

The Staff Report was reviewed, and Mr. Longstreth indicated that they will continue to work with Staff on any outstanding issues.

Questions and comments from the Commissioners followed:

Will access off Greenly be aligned with existing West Shore Drive?

Mr. Longstreth replied that it will be aligned or possibly a roundabout. He added that the West Shore Drive extension would be added when other future uses show interest.

What about the retention basins?

Mr. Longstreth replied that they are intended to be dry in between rain events.

Will other items in the Staff Report be addressed?

Mr. Longstreth replied that they will continue to act on Staff comments/issues. He added that standard signage is planned along with LED light fixtures. The landscape designer is double-checking shortages called out in the Report.

Does West Shore Drive have storm sewer?

Mr. Longstreth replied that he’s not sure what the ultimate management is, but that nothing from the site will go to the street sewer.

Neal VanLoo, Director of Engineering, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, was also present to speak to this request and shared a brief history of the family-owned business from Janesville, WI. They’re 63 years old with 38 stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and now Michigan, with 4,400 associates. He added that the 105,000 square foot space will include 75,000 square feet of retail. Blain’s reinvests in their communities and hopes to open their new store in Holland in the Fall of 2019. They’re excited to come to Michigan. Mr. VanLoo added that the closest existing store is in Portage and that they compete with Tractor Supply at 80% of their locations.

Mr. VanLoo shared the different uses within Blain’s Farm & Fleet:

Indoor Services: oil changes, tires, rotation, alignment, shocks, mufflers, quick-check (3 minute) service using high tech equipment, and small engine repair to service what they sell

Outdoor Fenced-In Area: farm fencing, pipes, posts, wire, panels; no building materials

Drive-thru Order Pick-Up Area (buy online)

Retail: clothing (private label, quality, name-brand), paint, automotive, tire/auto service, sporting goods, home/housewares, pet food/supplies, lawn and garden, snacks and soda

Mr. VanLoo reiterated their intent to work with Staff to correct any issues in the next week or so.

No one from the public was present to speak to this request.

Chairman Hoeve tabled any action on this request until next month when the special uses will be considered.

Chairman Hoeve opened the public hearing for consideration of a Special Use request submitted by Garcia’s Best Used Tires - 290 N. 120th Avenue for Vehicle Rental (U-Haul). No one was present to speak to this request.

Motion to close the hearing made by Mr. Gebben, supported by Mr. Nykamp. All in favor. Motion carried.

Chairman Hoeve tabled any action on this request until next month per the applicant’s written request.

Public Comment – None.

Other Business

Wonderland Tire (formerly Reed’s Tire) - 12671 James Street

Mark Tomasik was present to speak to this request. Mr. Tomasik checked online and found the subject property to be zoned Community Commercial (C-2), however in discussion with Staff (John Said) discovered the northern parcel was zoned Moderate Density Residential (R-2), which makes their current building legal non-conforming because of the dual zoning and the fact that the building spans a property line. They would like to continue to use the existing building as a commercial building and create a new concept for Wonderland Tire – and purchase property to the east.

Commissioners discussed various options and agreed that the property is landlocked with no way to develop it. To expand or modernize the existing use, approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals would be needed. To rezone the R-2 lot to C-2, a Future Land Use Map amendment would be needed. They suggested Wonderland take care of the non-conforming issue through ZBA first, then address the Future Land Use Map and rezoning issues.

Crossings Court PUD – 11555 Lakewood Blvd.

Staff recently received building permits for a contractor’s facility for the eastern section of the 12-unit building located north of The Crossings. The 12-unit building had specific uses in the approved Resolution and Report, and those uses were not conducive to a contractor’s facility. Staff is looking for consensus on the recollection of approved uses and whether a Minor PUD Amendment is possible.

Brian Banks was present to speak to this request and is asking for input on allowed uses.

Commissioners, along with Staff, agreed that the PUD’s east building located north of the John Deere Dealer was to be more industrial based and suitable for a contractor’s use. The PUD Report was reviewed, including list of approved uses in west building (not contractor oriented).

Staff indicated that Mr. Chuck Posthumus, architect, understood that contractor suites were always intended to be in the 12-unit west building as well.

Mr. Hoeve asked what Mr. Banks considers a contractor’s suite?

Mr. Banks replied that it includes large overhead doors, office space and room for storing materials. The east building is more of a yard/outdoor storage.

Mr. VanderMeulen recalled that they didn’t want neighbors to hear power tools.

Mr. Banks added that there is and has been no other business besides Contractors looking to go in the west building due to the unique location, with no frontage. He has letters from all owners in support of Contractor use.

What about parking?

Each suite has designated and sufficient parking.

Commissioners directed Staff to work with Mr. Banks on a Major PUD amendment.

Chairman Hoeve asked about status of 136th/Quincy and Mission Design Master Plan projects. Staff replied that we’re in the 42-day waiting period following notices to adjacent municipalities, utilities, and property owners. Public Hearing planned for October 2018. Mr. Hoeve asked for better communication regarding these projects.

Mr. Gebben asked if we’re still considering additional districts in our zoning ordinance? Mixed use, industrial campus, research & development? No, per Staff, the ordinance is set with the districts that it has. Beginning next year will kick off Master Plan process that will look at that idea again of expanded districts.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheri Thomassen
Recording Secretary

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