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Minutes - July 11, 2017


Regular Meeting

July 11, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Marion Hoeve at 7:00 p.m.

Present:   Chairman Marion Hoeve, Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen and Members Ken Bosma, Dennis Gebben, LaVerne Johnson, Norm Nykamp, and Ed Zylstra.  Also present was Assistant Planner Corey Broersma, and Recording Secretary Sheri Thomassen.

Absent - None

The minutes of June 6, 2017 were approved as written with one correction. 

Mr. Hoeve explained the meeting and hearing process to the audience.

Mr. Hoeve opened the public hearing for consideration of a Special Use Request submitted by Jon D. Walcott on behalf of Tilbright, LLC at 118 Aniline (units 15-18).  Topic tabled June 6, 2017.  Petitioner is seeking permission to operate a vehicle repair service, not including junking or wrecking, within 4 units of the Ottawa Beach Drydocks condominium.  The property is zoned I-2, General Industrial. 

There was no one in the audience to speak to this request; a letter from Ottawa Beach Drydocks Condominium Association dated June 20, 2017 was received in support of the proposed use. 

Special Use request will remain tabled due to no one being present to speak to this request. 

Mr. Hoeve opened the public hearing for consideration of a Special Use Request submitted by Dennis Reckley on behalf of Timmer Holdings, LLC for vacant land known as 0 – N. 120th Ave. (lot north of 167 N. 120th Ave.), described more specifically as Parcel Number 70-16-22-301-010.  Petitioner is seeking permission for the sale or leasing of used motor vehicles without associated repair facilities. The property is zoned C-2, General Commercial. 

Present for this request was Dennis Reckley, Sluiter Vanden Bosch Associates.

Mr. Reckley explained that they are asking for approval for phase 1 at this time which includes showing 25 cars on existing pavement with the understanding that they may be back for phase 2 and 3.  The existing building to the south will be used in part as sales offices with its own bathroom facilities and entrance.  The rest of the building is occupied by Westenbroek Mower.  Vehicle repair/detailing will be done at another location. 

Property, zoning, future land use and site plan maps were reviewed. 

Staff Comments were read by Mr. Broersma:

  1. It is understood the office for the proposed special use will be located within the existing building at 167 N. 120th avenue.
    • 167 N. 120th has previously been issued special use approval for vehicle sales and repairs in a C-2 Commercial zoning district.
  2. The proposed special use indicates a total of 88 display parking spaces for vehicle sales will be provided by the completion of phase 3. 
  3. Applicant should speak to the need for this use in the community.  The Planning Commission may choose to limit any approval to one phase or direct the applicant to utilize the existing special use at 167 N. 120th Ave.
  4. No customer or employee parking is provided on the property, therefore, a recorded cross-access parking agreement and proof of adequate parking complying with Section 17 should be provided.
  5. If special use is approved, Applicant should prepare a revised site plan for staff approval including light pole locations and associated light levels. Applicant indicated that there will be evening lighting.

Planning Commission viewed the 7 Standards for Special Use Consideration.

There was no one in the audience to speak to this request.

** It was moved by Mr. Bosma and supported by Mr. Nykamp to close the hearing.  Motion carried.

** It was moved by Mr. Gebben and supported by Mr. Bosma to approve the request for phase 1 based on the Staff Report and Special Use Considerations C-1 & C-2 with the understanding that Mr. Reckley will provide cross-access parking agreement and proof of adequate parking complying with Section 17 (Staff Report item 4) and a revised site plan including light pole locations and associated light levels (Staff Report item 5) to Mr. Broersma.   Final Site Plan to be reviewed and approved by Staff.

Mr. Hoeve and Mr. Bosma were recused at this time due to conflict of interest with Meadowland Estates PUD and Creekside Meadows PUD.

Mr. Vander Meulen opened the Public Hearing for Meadowland Estates PUD Amendment

Present for this request was Colin Kraay, Leisure Living Management.

The proposed amendment would allow two things: 1) Lot 5 to remain vacant and excavated to offset additional fill within the floodplain for the proposed assisted living facility.  2) Signage for the proposed assisted living facility to be installed on a shared sign with Meadowland Estates at the residential development’s 96th Avenue entrance.  Nine of 12 homeowners have approved the amendment as submitted. 

Staff Comments/Ordinance Sections were reviewed:

  • Per our attorney, with the two thirds consent of the property owners in the original PUD, plus an application from at least one current property owner in the original PUD, he recommends the Township accept the submittal as a valid request to amend the PUD.
  • With a valid application, staff points out the ordinance sections for consideration:

Section 18.1 – Definitions, A, states:

“Billboard or off-premises advertising sign. A sign advertising an establishment, merchandise, service, message, or entertainment, which is not sold, produced, manufactured, or furnished at the property on which the sign is located.”

Section 18.10 – Permitted Signs In Each Zoning District, C, 4, states:

“One (1) permanent identifying sign per entrance provided the sign shall not exceed an area of thirty-two (32) square feet.” 

Section 18.10 – Measurement of Sign Area, states:

“The entire area…enclosing the extreme limits of writing…emblem…together with any frame…excluding the necessary supports or uprights on which such sign is placed, but including any sign tower.”

Planning Commission concerns included the retention pond, what’s draining into it and water issues brought up by Mr. McAlpine last month.  A representative from Prein & Newhof replied that the excavated area is for compensating cut and not a retention pond.  There is no storm water directed into this area.  Audience member added that the culvert won’t hurt existing properties and that it may help move water away from Mr. McAlpine’s location.  

**It was moved by Mr. Zylstra and supported by Mr. Johnson to close the hearing.

**Motion made by Mr. Nykamp and supported by Mr. Gebben to allow Lot 5 to remain vacant for compensating cut and to allow signage with final plan review and approval from Staff to establish the location.  Recommend the Township Attorney prepare a favorable report and resolution for the Planning Commission’s review.  Motion carried.

Mr. Vander Meulen opened the hearing for Creekside Meadows PUD – Final Development Plan.  Summary of revised request is to develop 9.74 acres for a proposed planned unit development consisting of a licensed assisted living and memory care community comprised of 44 units (30 assisted living and 14 memory care) within a single-story building on lands zoned Agriculture.  Primary access for the facility is proposed from the end of Meadowland Court and will require an improved drain crossing.  The development will be constructed in a single phase.

 Present for this request was Colin Kraay, Leisure Living Management.

Planning Commission expressed that there have been extensive reviews by the Fire Chief regarding accommodations for accessibility and that the developer has worked well with the Township to make this happen. 

Mr. Vander Meulen invited anyone who may have missed the original public hearing and wanted to speak to this request an opportunity to be heard.  There was no one in the audience to speak to this request, therefore, Mr. Vander Meulen indicated he would accept a motion on the Final Development Plan.

**Motion made by Mr. Zylstra and supported by Mr. Johnson to approve proposed use.  Recommend the Township Attorney prepare a favorable report and resolution for the Planning Commission’s review.  Motion carried. 

For general information, the applicant was asked to explain the difference between an adult foster care and assisted living facility.

Resolution and Report for Flagstick PUD Amendment #3

There was no one in the audience to speak to this request.

Mr. Bosma questioned “25 years” in Exhibit B (3)(r).  The Commission clarified that “25 years” is for both the business and the residence with the sale of the property. 

**Motion to approve by Nykamp, supported by Zylstra.  Staff to provide the Board of Trustees with the favorable Resolution and Report and recommend its approval. 

Planning Commission asked Staff to provide a copy of the report to the applicant.

Hickorywoods Farm No. 4 – Final Preliminary Plat

Planning Commission would like to know when the park is going to be developed.  Developer should set up a committee with residents to discuss plans for the park.  Can the building permits be held up until the Planning Commission knows what is happening with the park?  Staff will review the meeting minutes pertaining to Hickorywoods Farm No.3

Motion made by Mr. Bosma and supported by Mr. Vander Meulen to recommend Staff prepare the necessary letter of recommendation to the Township Board of Trustees for action no later than August 20, 2017.  No discussion.  Motion carried. 


There were no Public Comments.


Zoning Ordinance Update

Next meeting/work session planned for Tuesday, July 18 at 5:30 PM.  Mr. Bosma will be there for part of the meeting; Mr. Gebben cannot attend. 

Other Business

Zoning Text Amendment, Beverly Smith & Tim Marr (2874 104th Ave.) proposing to add 3.18 (A) (B) (C) to allow the keeping of chickens and bees in areas zoned Residential.

Item tabled June 6, 2017; further discussion anticipated at the July 18, 2017 work session beginning at 5:30pm; item remains tabled, no one in the audience to speak to this request.

Macatawa Legends PUD Amendment

  • Density reduced by 1 unit on the western end.
  • Lot line adjustments being made due to road alignment.
  • Eastern 12 units being shortened (10’ north side of street and 15’ south side of street)
  • Smallest unit is now 9,270 sf rather than 10,348 sf

Staff is concerned with shorter lots give the anticipated traffic volume and potential maintenance garage.  Planning Commission is okay with all minor changes but agrees with Staff not to reduce lot depth.  Both north and south lot depths must go back to the original lot line. 

Knollwood PUD Amendment

  • During plan review process, Staff discovered a recent building permit indicated home would exceed the 35% lot coverage.  Planning Commission’s intent for lot coverage is needed, especially considering prior permits in Phase 1 were issued in excess of 35% and are non-compliant.

Planning Commission agreed a text amendment PUD should be done or bring the building permit into compliance.  Would entertain a fast-tracking a text amendment to Resolution and Report in order to make next month’s meeting.  Staff will talk with the developer about submitting a PUD amendment.

Recreation Facilities - Escape Rooms

  • A new business is looking to establish an escape room in the Township.  Will such a use be considered a recreation facility and therefore require a special use similar to E. Lakewood’s billiard hall, Crazy Bounce, Craig’s Cruisers, or a theater?

Planning Commission suggests Escape Rooms be considered Special Use. 

Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 1, at 7:00 PM. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Sheri Thomassen
Recording Secretary

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