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Minutes - January 3, 2017


Regular Meeting

January 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen at 
            7:00 p.m.

Present:           Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen and Members Ken Bosma, Dennis Gebben, La Verne Johnson, Norm Nykamp and Ed Zylstra. Also present was Planner Corey Broersma and Recording Secretary Amy LeVesque.

Absent:            Chairman Marion Hoeve and Planner Meghann Reynolds.

The minutes of the regular meeting of December 6, 2016 were approved as written.

Mr. Vander Meulen explained the meeting and hearing procedures for the assembled

Mr. Vander Meuelen next opened the public hearing to consider a special use request submitted by Zachary Bordner on behalf of the Jacob Essenburg Company for property located at 120 and 124 James Street. The property is comprised of parcel numbers 70-16-20-126-013 zoned O-S Office and Service, -014 zoned I-2 General Industrial and -015 zoned I-2 General Industrial. The applicants wish to operate a contractor’s yard with building materials storage including seasonal salt storage under a temporary cover.

Mr. Broersma explained that the applicants were unable to attend the meeting and requested that their presentation be postponed until the February 7, 2017 meeting. He informed Commissioners that they should open the public hearing as advertised and could choose to reopen the public hearing in February.

Mr. Vander Meuelen then opened the floor to comments regarding the special use request.

There was no one present who wished to ask questions or speak to the request.

**        Mr. Gebben moved and Mr. Bosma supported the motion to close the public hearing. Motion carried.

**        Mr. Bosma moved and Mr. Gebben supported the motion to table the special use request, pending action by the applicant. Motion carried.

            Next, Mr. Vander Meulen introduced the final development plan for a proposed amendment to the Butternut Business Center PUD, located at 406 Butternut Drive. Present for this review was Mr. Bill Sikkel of Custom Concrete and Ms. Patricia Mahoney, Secretary/Treasurer for the Butternut Business Center Condominium Association.

            Mr. Sikkel clarified that the name of the developer for the PUD is Constar, LLC. He explained that the final development plan for the PUD includes separating the development into a two site condominiums consisting of Unit 1 with the existing building and its parking area on 1.4 acres and Unit 2 with the proposed building and its parking area on 1.6 acres. The proposed 12-unit building would have 19,800 square feet and 28% lot coverage. A third or parent condominium would include common areas: the driveway, parking lot area just inside the driveway and south retention pond. He also explained that the original PUD plan showed no parking plan. He stated that the proposed parking plan complies with Township requirements and shows parking for both Unit 1 and Unit 2. He went on to explain that the association for each unit would be responsible to maintain its own parking area. He stated that the existing association members have given signed approval for the plan.

            In response to a question from Mr. Vander Meulen, Mr. Sikkel explained that changes will be made to the south retention pond in order to meet new requirements set by the Ottawa County Water Resources Commission (OCWRC).

            Ms. Mahoney explained that the plan shows 16 parking spaces at the existing building, or two per unit, plus two handicap spaces. She stated that the parking lot at the existing building will be restriped. She also explained that the existing association met and that members voted unanimously to approve the proposed plan. She stated that all members signed the “settlement agreement”, with the exception of Scott Steggerda, who designated Ms. Mahoney as his proxy to vote in agreement since he was out of town. She stated that Mr. Steggerda offered to stop by the Township office to sign the “settlement agreement” in person, at the Township’s request.

            Mr. Broersma commented that the parking plan meets requirements but that if businesses choose to locate in the PUD, additional spaces may be required. He explained that landscaping plans should be revised to include tree heights that meet requirements and tree species. He also explained that the Master Deed must be recorded prior to building permits being issued.

Next, Commissioners reviewed the following PUD amendment considerations:

    1. Whether the proposed planned unit development is consistent with and promotes the intent and purpose of this ordinance.
    2. Whether the proposed planned unit development is compatible with adjacent uses of land, the natural environment and the capacities of public services and facilities affected by the planned unit development.
    3. Whether the planned unit development is consistent with the public health, safety and welfare of the township.
    4. Whether the proposed project provides safe and convenient ingress/egress to the property.
    5. Whether the proposed project deviates from the provisions of this ordinance which is otherwise applicable for the zoning district in which the PUD is located.
    6. Whether the proposed project complies with the applicable provisions of the ordinance (e.g. parking, site plan review, signage)

**        Mr. Nykamp moved and Mr. Johnson supported the motion to approve the final development plan for the Butternut Business Center PUD amendment, based upon the Planning Commission’s findings as reflected in the minutes for the reasons set forth in the minutes. The Planning Commission requested that Staff instruct the Township attorney to prepare a favorable report. Motion carried.

Next, Mr. Vander Meulen opened the floor to public comments.

There was no one present who wished to speak.

Mr. Vander Meulen then closed the public comment section of the meeting.

Next, Mr. Broersma explained that Township Board and Township Manager have reviewed the proposal for the zoning ordinance update submitted by David Jirousek of Willams & Works. He asked if the Planning Commission had questions or would like more information regarding the proposal.

In response to a question from Mr. Vander Meulen, Mr. Broersma stated that Mr. Jirousek has indicated that he could begin work on the zoning ordinance update as soon as the Township gives their approval.

In response to a question from Mr. Gebben, Mr. Broersma explained that he would like to get the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Township Board Trustees together in one meeting to provide their input to Mr. Jirousek. He also explained that he plans to ask area developers for their ideas and that he plans to advertise for public comments as well.

**        Mr. Bosma moved and Mr. Zylstra supported the motion to recommend to the Township Board that approval be given to the professional services agreement submitted by Williams & Works to perform a complete revision of the zoning ordinance. Motion carried.

Next, Mr. Vander Meulen asked Commissioners for nominations for officers for the Planning Commission for 2017.

**        Mr. Bosma moved and Mr. Gebben supported the motion that Mr. Hoeve continue as Chairman and that Mr. Vander Meulen continue as Vice Chairman/Secretary of the Planning Commission for 2017. Motion carried.

To update Commissioners on business status, Mr. Broerma explained that he expects that Waverly Shores Manufactured Home Park PUD will submit revised plans shortly. He also explained that West Shore Apartments PUD plans to submit an updated final development plan. He expects that both items will be on the February 7, 2017 agenda.

Mr. Broersma next informed Commissioners that the applicants for a special use request that was granted for property at 11024 Chicago Drive on July 12, 2016 have not met the November 30, 2016 site plan deadline. He reminded Commissioners that permission to operate an off-street parking lot and a building supply and equipment establishmentwas granted, pending the submission of a final site plan for Staff approval. He asked Commissioners if they would like to void the special use permission for the property, since the applicant has not submitted information and has not responded to Mr. Broersma’s attempts to contact him. He also stated that he has received information that the owners of the landscaping company were considering relocating their business.

Mr. Vander Meulen commented that the seasonal business may not be in operation during the cold weather months. Mr. Broersma stated that he would contact the Township’s attorney for direction on how to proceed.

Next, Mr. Broersma informed Commissioners that he has been contacted by one of the owners of Douglas Plaza PUD concerning a building permit request. He explained that the submitted plan for Unit 1 now shows one building with 4 suites. The proposed building complies with the approved building envelope, however, he commented that Commissioners may want to consider specifying or limiting the number of uses or business that are allowed to locate within a PUD unit in the future.

Mr. Vander Meulen reminded Commissioners that their next regular meeting will be held February 7, 2017.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

            Respectfully submitted,

            Amy LeVesque
Recording Secretary

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