Monday, December 17, 2018
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Construction Board of Appeals

Michigan Law requires every governmental unit that enforces the State Construction Code to have a Construction Board of Appeals. The Law also requires the five members of the Construction Board of Appeals to be qualified by experience or training in the field of construction and codes. The members of the Construction Board of Appeals are appointed by the Supervisor with Township Board approval and hear appeals from the decisions of the Township Building Official. The current Board consists of three architects, one engineer and one retired electrical contractor and inspector. Meetings are held only when an appeal has been filed.  Board members serve two year terms.


Current Members   Term Expires
Member:                       Bob Bouwkamp               12/31/2018
Member: Jack Harper 12/31/2018
Member: Gordon Sluiter 12/31/2018
Member: Jon Tilbert 12/31/2018
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